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With ever increasing financial pressure on clinical R&D, it is vital that companies have a clear definition of their corporate strategy to achieve quality, value and efficiency. That strategy needs to be supported by an operational model which defines what processes you will work to, which of those processes will be automated and which will be integrated. This allows the development of a delivery portfolio which is both focused and committed to by senior management.

Triumph have worked with many Pharma and CRO businesses in order to both define and support the delivery of their corporate and IT strategies. Through those engagements, Triumph has developed a simple, pragmatic and most importantly, very effective way to define, document and deliver what you need to optimise your clinical R&D.

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From an industry ‘buzz-word’ from 2011, through year of information gathering in 2012, 2013 has seen the emergence of risk based monitoring as a tangible component to most clinical R&D strategies.

Triumph has been working with multiple CRO and Pharma organisations to understand the real needs for RBM and what an effective operational solution would need to deliver.

In 2013, Triumph incorporated Triumph Research Intelligence - a subsidiary of Triumph Consultancy which has developed an innovative and effective approach to RBM supported by an operational platform for study teams to allow companies to realise the true of RBM. The operational platform is called ‘OPRA’.

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A key component to efficiency within clinical R&D is the automation of core clinical processes. In order to achieve this, an organisation must first have a well defined set of business processes. Triumph has a wealth of experience in helping companies define, document and communicate their core processes.

The next step is to determine which processes should be automated, and which will be left specific to a function, business unit or geography.

Finally, an appropriate means of automation should be chosen. Triumph are able to guide our customers either in off the shelf tool selection and implementation, or the use of process automation tools which allow fast and effective development of software specific to your business.

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Triumph Consultancy Services was established in 2002, and has been focused in improving clinical trials through the application of innovative business process, technology and change solutions ever since. Triumph take a creative, pragmatic and results oriented approach to everything we do and are prepared to challenge the ‘business as usual’ approach which can be so prevalent in our industry . Our consultants have all come from the Pharma and CRO industries and understand the challenges faced from management, end user, and regulatory perspectives.

Our mission is simple, and with you we can make it a reality.

Our Mission:

To enhance the quality, experience and value of clinical trials for both industry and patients

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